Thanks to Eddie, Mario, (Mario did 2 shifts), Phil, Sean, Kelela, Pam and Rob plus yours truly, our net profit from the BBQ today was……
$1000.50. Eddie thinks this is a record for a Monday.
Fantastic effort, thanks to all involved.
I will let Antoinette know.
Steve Payne
Phil Hartcher handing over to "The Afternoon Shift" last Monday. (L - R Steve Payne, Mario Ballan, Pam de Vries & Phil Hartcher)
Now that restrictions have eased BBQ's will become a more common occurrence as you will see following.
BBQ's are a substantial part of our Club's ability to contribute to Foundation, projects etc. so if you are able to help (even if you want to split a shift with someone else) please don't hesitate to contact me as your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
BBQ's we now have booked are as follows, ....................
June 5 (Saturday)- Council Environment Day - One Volunteer needed.
June 14 )Monday) - Bunnings (H/Crossing) - T.B.A.
June 28 (Monday) - Bunnings (H/Crossing) T.B.A.
--  Mario Ballan. - B B Q Director.