Posted by Melinda Dobai on Apr 25, 2019
As always John Campbell and Eddie helped set up for the day. Melinda, Charlotte, Sue and John Selleck worked the first shift. This was Melinda and Charlotte’s first time working at a Bunnings BBQ. 
Charlotte and Sue worked at the front counter and explained to people “Sausages are free until 1pm but.... you are welcome to donate”. We lost count of how many $5 and $10 notes went into the Werribee Mercy Hospital fundraising tin. 
Sometimes it’s easy to forget Charlotte is only 11. For her the day was a learning experience from start to finish. She had so much fun telling customers the cost for a drink, then collecting money and calculating the change. Her enthusiasm and eagerness on the day was inspiring. She did an amazing job!
The second shift saw Julie, Peter and Jenny take the reins.
There was a moment (around 1 pm) when bread stocks ran low. Eddie was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and wasn’t going to reach the BBQ in time to re-stock the dwindling bread supplies. Only Charlotte was up to the task to sprint down the road to Eddie’s car. What an adventure this was for Charlotte.
Charlotte had so much fun working, at change of shift she was heard saying “What’s my job now?”
Melinda responded “It’s time to go home”
Charlotte said “Can’t we stay and keep helping?”
Charlotte really didn’t want to leave. What a testament to the great environment we are providing for the young ones at our club.
A number of people came back for seconds - so a shout out, to the great job to our BBQ cookers, John and Peter did on the day. It was an all round great team effort from everyone.
The money raised will be donated to Toilets and Sanitation in Cambodia. Julie will ask the board if ~$200 from the BBQ can be donated to support returned soldiers.
$1157 was raised at the ANZAC Day BBQ.