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Tonight we were fortunate to listen to a guest speaker who has Rotary and what it represents in her veins. 
Johanna is the third generation of her family to be associated with Rotary, her grandfather and father also being Rotarians. Johanna grew up in the small rural community of Warracknabeal in a house that seemed to have a constant flow of exchange students coming and going. It was when at the airport farewelling a student from South Africa aged 4 that she found a Koala pin that had been dropped and decided then she would also like to be an exchange student with a jacket laden with badges, (and that badge is still on her jacket to this day).
At age 15 Johanna was selected to go to Denmark on Rotary Exchange. From having grown up in an exchange friendly household she knew that language and the word “YES” to any opportunity from a Rotarian was the key, which led to Johanna having a very successful exchange. It also taught her how to be resilient and self reliant.
 On returning to Warracknabeal, Johanna was asked to speak to many organisations, and took a job in a bakery where she received a courtesy award from the Rotary Club, a Lions Club “Citizen of The Year” and was awarded “Junior Rural Ambassador for Victoria” confirming that in Warracknabeal’s sporting oriented township, you could achieve results and opportunities outside of sport.
Finishing school, she then went to Federation University in Ballarat to do a Rural Social Welfare Degree majoring in Psychology.  She also began voluntary work for Lifeline and was asked by a Rotarian if she would like to attend RYLA. Saying YES again she attended, and three years later was invited to be on the Leadership Team, which later resulted in Johanna becoming Co-Facilitator of District 9780’s RYLA Program. This also led to Johanna being selected as an Australian RYLA representative at the RYLA World Conference in Montreal, Canada.
An added bonus while there was that Johanna was selected to be chaperone for  Rotary’s  World President John Kenny (pictured right) for the duration of the International RYLA Conference.
Another pivotal moment in Johanna's trip to Canada and her life was meeting Carl, her inspirational Taxi driver confirming Johanna’s belief that the happiest times of her life, were the ones that had a Rotary Wheel attached to them.
The experience of coming into contact with Carl and the numerous opportunities and challenges that Rotary had presented, convinced Johanna to once again accept the challenge of starting her own business, which has now taken her around the globe. Johanna’s message was, say YES when asked to try something by a Rotarian. Having doubts and being nervous is okay and normal, BUT, make that the reason for accepting a challenge not putting it off as we are more likely to succeed in these circumstances.
Johanna with (Left) Sameeha and (Right) Marat from Werribee Sec. College. 
Johanna left us all with two very important messages, one was,  .............................. 
“Whatever Rotary, Individual Clubs and Rotarians choose to focus on, grows, and every time Rotary has focused on me, I have grown”
Finally, a message that Johanna reminded the Editor about (as have several Rotarians since), …………………………….
“Dad told me while I was growing up, that my mouth was my biggest enemy. 
Well sorry Dad, but it’s my mouth that now pays all my bills” !!
The Wyndham 1000 for 2022 will commence at Werribee Plaza on Saturday, October 15 and finish at Werribee Plaza on Saturday, November 12 after hopefully having ridden  1000Km.
The exact starting location in the Plaza is yet to be determined.
I have been in training for sometime and to date (Aug 11) have completed 561Km.
As with previous Wyndham 1000's donations of non perishable food items would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to helping families survive over Christmas.
Food items will start to be collected from August 10 until the finish date.
I hope to bring my NEW High Tech Trike to Rotary shortly for members to see. The donation of this custom made trike with the added support of Wyndham Rotary has allowed me to continue my efforts to assist families in our community.   
After a urgent call from Satya to Phil Hartcher and subsequent email a "Merry Band" of Wyndham Rotarians and Pam arrived at The JET Foundation headquarters in Tarneit ready to roll up their sleeves to unload a "Truckload of Groceries". The truckload however, was "REALLY a TRUCKLOAD". In fact an "Alan Davidge Truckload" as Alan had very graciously donated his service and vehicle to transport the groceries from Carrum Downs to Tarneit. Thankfully Pat Pellegrino had also graciously donated his time and Forklift which meant that all we had to do was a little bit around Alan's truck, and sweat it out while Pat did all the "heavy lifting" with his Fork Lift. 
         First we had to unload the truck's R.H.S. (L - R) Alan, Len, Eddie and Pat).
           And Pat started filling up the shed.
          Then we unloaded the L.H.S. (L - R) Len and Pat.
          Which filled up the shed even more !!
        So we then decided it was time for a rest  laugh ....................... And,
        .......... a cup of liquid refreshment with a Indian delicacy to go with it. 
Many thanks to everyone who turned up, and ESPECIALLY Alan and Pat for their time and the benefit of their equipment. There will be many struggling families within our local community and further afield that will benefit from this combined effort between The Jet Foundation and The Rotary Club of Wyndham.
The three years Education and Literacy Comprehensive Scholarship Project in Nigeria is still ongoing, and we are sponsoring more than 27 underprivileged students this year. 
It takes a village to raise a child and our Club along with the Rotary Club of Enugu G.R.A, Nigeria, as part of the Rotary Village are doing it again.
It is important to know that the three years education and literacy sponsorship program provides school fees, lunch credits, uniforms, stationery, backpacks and two pairs of shoes for each student (one for sports and another for school).
The three-year cost involves;
Three-year Junior Yr1=$82, Yr2 = $75, Yr3 =$92
Total of $249
Three-year Senior Yr1=$100, Yr2=93, Yr3=$166
Total of $359
We currently have 14 students sponsored by our Club and Nigerian community members. And 13 more to go to meet our targeted goal.
Thank you to all the sponsors as you continue to change lives and give these students a better future.
For those that missed out last Rotary year, this is another opportunity to sponsor a child.
Let’s IMAGINE what this sponsorship could do for the students, their families and the community as we continue to serve to change lives and make a difference.
(Above) From one village to another. Underprivileged students previously denied an education through no fault of their own.
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