One down, three to go.
Phil, Len, Alistair, Alex and myself worked well as a team to dismantle the Central Park Playground to make way for a new one to be installed. This will be the first of four that will be recycled and sent to needy communities overseas.
Two more playgrounds will be dismantled next Tuesday (June 22) and anyone who is available will be welcomed to help out. If you are available or would like to help please contact me (Eddie Szatkowski) for details.
You will need to bring a yellow safety vest, gloves and wear suitable clothing. Everything else needed will be supplied.
Below are photos showing the results of our first working bee thanks to Len, Alistair, Alex and Phil.
Getting into the "Swing" of things.
Rotarians focused on doing good in the Community
Rotarians and Friends at Work
Our Youngest Member (Alex) getting involved with our projects.
Going, Going, ................ Gone.