Good morning Rob,
During his visit to Nigeria, the Wyndham Rotary President-Elect, Pascal Ochi, also used the opportunity to oversee our club's International project.
With his leadership team, President Kelechi of the Rotary club of GRA Enugu and President-Elect Pascal had an on-spot assessment at community secondary school Ngwo to ascertain the progress of the scholarship recipients. 
They had discussions with randomly selected students to know their challenges and limitations in their educational pursuit. 
Some students mentioned needing a lamp to read at night due to an epileptic power supply.
The Rotary club leadership team of Enugu GRA and our President-Elect, Pascal, also distributed fairly used books to one of the projected recipients of the project, Camille Primary School Enugu. Special thanks to John Campbell for the donation.
        Pascal chatting with some of the recipients of "Wyndham Rotary Club, Rotarians and Friends"  3 year Scholarships.
School Principal (blue dress front right) Rotary Enugu President (yellow tie) and Pascal (centre rear) with teachers, Rotary Leadership Team members and some of the students who were  recipients of our scholarships.
         Distributing the books donated by John Campbell and "Fit For Use" here in Werribee which were sent across to Camille Primary School, Enugu, Nigeria.,