The three years Education and Literacy Comprehensive Scholarship Project in Nigeria is still ongoing, and we are sponsoring more than 27 underprivileged students this year. 
It takes a village to raise a child and our Club along with the Rotary Club of Enugu G.R.A, Nigeria, as part of the Rotary Village are doing it again.
It is important to know that the three years education and literacy sponsorship program provides school fees, lunch credits, uniforms, stationery, backpacks and two pairs of shoes for each student (one for sports and another for school).
The three-year cost involves;
Three-year Junior Yr1=$82, Yr2 = $75, Yr3 =$92
Total of $249
Three-year Senior Yr1=$100, Yr2=93, Yr3=$166
Total of $359
We currently have 14 students sponsored by our Club and Nigerian community members. And 13 more to go to meet our targeted goal.
Thank you to all the sponsors as you continue to change lives and give these students a better future.
For those that missed out last Rotary year, this is another opportunity to sponsor a child.
Let’s IMAGINE what this sponsorship could do for the students, their families and the community as we continue to serve to change lives and make a difference.
(Above) From one village to another. Underprivileged students previously denied an education through no fault of their own.