The "Big Day Out" was designed to give disadvantaged kids an opportunity to take part in activities they would normally not be able to take part in. Applications were received from a range of students from different schools and different backgrounds.
A pleasing result was that while at the start children kept to there own groups, by the end of the day children from different schools were bonding and exchanging names and contact details. 
One of the girls from Wyndham Park Primary asked, "On a scale from 1-10, how likely it would be for her to be asked back for a Rotary event".  
I spoke to her mother afterwards and her mother said, this was the first time she had ever been selected for anything.  
The mix from a range of schools broadened the experience for all the participants, exposing them to other children from different ethnic and socio- economic backgrounds.
There were kids in this group who have never and would never have the opportunity to experience these sorts of activities. This included things we take for granted like going into the city, riding on a tram and participating in the types of activities. The amount of work that Maryanne put into planning the event was evident and was phenominal. It was a credit to her and Lachlan and everything took place while Maryanne was nursing a dislocated wrist.